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Monday, July 12, 2010

Stricker Week, Continued

The Whiffler is feeling a bit prescient this morning about predicting that Steve Stricker was primed to have a good week at the John Deere Classic, where he ended up coasting to a second consecutive win on Sunday. A lot of fireworks during the week, including a 54-hole PGA Tour scoring record following rounds of 60, 66, and 62. The most amazing stat of this birdie barrage? Stricker birdied every par-5 on the week, going 12 for 12 on the par-71 course. Through Saturday, he had only two 5's on his scorecard, and one of those came on a brain-fart missed two-footer for par on 9 (his 18th) on Friday. All the rest were 2's, 3's, and 4's. During those first three rounds he birdied exactly half the holes, 27 out of 54. (Image: AP)
     As usual, he was a little shaky on Sunday – he still hasn't seemed to figure out how to keep the throttle down with a big lead – but he held on for a comfortable two-stroke victory over the persistent Paul Goydos. All in all it was a very impressive performance. Whether he can take that with him to St. Andrews remains to be seen, of course, but if nothing else it makes him one to watch this weekend in Scotland. (It also validates The Whiffler's earlier prediction that Stricker would again win multiple titles in 2010.)
     Congratulations, Steve, on another fine victory and good luck at the Old Course!

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